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The Countrymen supporting the RJLF in Launceston

The Countrymen were at Launceston market on Saturday 11th March singing to the crowds and also raising money for the Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund.The band are pictured with main trustee Bob Johns MBE and the Mayor and Mayoress of Launceston Brian Hogan and Anita White. Picture by Paul Hamlyn.

The Countrymen

The Countrymen have chosen the Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund as a worthy recipient of any booking fees.

They can be booked through the Countryman Inn, Langdon Cross, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 8NL.

Tel: 01566 785333

Twin Harmony

Jenna and Morwenna Matthews, better known as 'Twin Harmony', have released their new CD "As Long As We Have Music" with all proceeds going to the Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund.

Scroll down to review some of the many fundraising events that have taken place over the years....


Published on 5 Sep 2012

'Twin Harmony' is an amateur music act from Cornwall. We are Twin Sisters who perform around the county and beyond raising money for charity. This is a track from our new charity CD, where all the profits are going to the Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund.

This track is "Slipping Through My Fingers' by Abba.

A big thank you to Chris Doggett and 'Ken Harratt - Northwing Productions'

Thank you everyone...

7th August 2017
Donation of £81.27 from Woodford Methodist Church 

10th July 2017
Donation of £200 received from Herbert and Christa Narr, German friends, known since 1987 when they attended RJLF Kickstarts while staying at Treetops

23rd May 2017
A supporter of the charity gave Bob a cheque for £300.00

15th May 2017
Two coin donations of £2.88 & £3.12 were received by Bob

5th April 2017
Kernow Analytical Technology present Bob with a cheque for £500.00

27th March 2017
A donation received from Fiona amounted to: £60.00

20th March 2017
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle raised another: £29.46

18th March 2017
From sales of Twin Harmony's CD at Filter Café in Holsworthy added £48.00 to the fund

March 2017
Assorted donations totalling £400 have been received ~ thank you everyone!

11th January 2017
Half of the takings from "A Little Bit O'Luck" (Dick & Anne Dingle) Christmas dance amounted to a cheque for £140 for the RJLF

19th December 2016
A collection made at the recent funeral of Leslie Furse raised the sum of £244 for the RJLF

8th December 2016
At an Annual Carol Service organised by the Billy Bray Memorial Trust, held at  Kerley Downs, near Truro,  the guests are asked to suggest a charity to which half of the proceeds would be sent and the guests (Twin Harmony) suggested the RJLF and subsequently a cheque for £125 arrived to help the funds

26th September 2016
Maggie Jones at Kilkhampton added a further £5.45 through donating a copper coin collection

24th September 2016
A concert at West Cornwall Golf Club starring Twin Harmony and Buccas Four resulted in a contribution of £450.00 for the RJLF

10th September 2016
Another very successful bar at Megan & George's wedding added £1,127.65 to our funds

2nd September 2016
Following a successful bar at Sarah & Stewart Cooper's wedding help raised a further £878.19

27th August 2016
After a successful Band, Hog Roast and Draw plus a bar, the fund received £506.75 and Santander have agreed to match the amount with a further donation of £500!

18th June 201624th August 2016
Donation of £200 received from Herbert and Christa Narr, German friends, known since 1987 when they attended RJLF Kickstarts while staying at Treetops

4th August 2016

The collection box at Bridgeman's of Kilkhampton realised a further £20.04 for the RJLF

30th July 2016
Tony & Anna's wedding bar, held in a marquee at Nth Tamerton raised the fantastic sum of £734.70

17th July 2016
A donation from David & Elizabeth Peirce added another £20.00 to the funds

13th July 2016
Twin Harmony continue to boost funds through the sales of their CD with another generous £500.00

18th June 2016
Adam & Rebecca's Wedding Bar help raise £641.70 for the RJLF

15th June 2016
Donation from Mr & Mrs Balsdon: £15.00

15th June 2016
Donation from Mr & Mrs Balsdon: £15.00

6th June 2016
Bob presented with a cheque for £300.00 from Week St. Mary's Meet & Eat group

23rd April 2016
Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, Cornwall: £500.00

13th April 2016
The Countryman Collection bucket: £140.95

22nd March 2016
The Countryman Collection bottle: £208.23

2nd February 2016
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £35.55

January 13th 2016
Chinese Takeaway, Kilkhampton Collection box: £13.48

January 13th 2016
Kernow Analytical Technology present Bob with a cheque for £500.00

December 2015
The concert at Tregony, with Twin Harmony,  helped raise another £82.00 for the fund.

And from more CD sales, another £8.00
Along with a donation of £20 from David & Elizabeth Pierce.

December 3rd 2015
Taffy & Trish Headon: £25.00

13th October 2015
The Chinese takeaway at Kilkhampton collected a further £25.98 with their collection box.

26th September 2015
The Gig Reunion added a fantastic £685.00 to our funds.

11th September 2015
Kelly and Scott Daniels wedding bar raised a further £873.90 for RJLF funds.

5th September 2015
The wedding bar of Mark and Erica Tippit raised a magnificent £1,747.40.

8th August 2015
Launceston Bangers Club's evening bar helped to raise a further £542.95 for the RJLF

18th July 2015
The wedding bar raised £2,821.24 at Charlotte & James Goirdani's recent wedding

2nd July 2015
The wedding bar raised £718.90 at Gwilliam & Kate Addacott's recent wedding

1st July 2015
The Cornish Heavy Horse Society very kindly donated the magnificent sum of £1,210 raised by their recent sponsored Ride & Walk event

7th June 2015
'Twin Harmony' present Bob with a cheque for £600 from the sale of their CD

Johnny Cowling's Gospel Evening raised a further £275

6th June 2015
At Beth Garrett's wedding, £681.88 was raised for the charity

6th June 2015
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £23.72

6th May 2015
Coffee & Cakes, Kilkhampton, donated £50 to the charity

22nd April 2015
Chinese Takeaway, Kilkhampton Collection box: £16.75

8th April 2015
A donation of £33.33 was made to the RJLF by Colin Neck

15th February 2015
As a result of closing the old bank account of the Green Inn Darts Club the balance of £65 was given to the RJLF.

22nd January 2015
Sales of "Twin Harmony" CD from Martin Group Services have raised an additional £35 for RJLF funds.

15th January 2015
Kernow Analytical Technology present Bob with a cheque for £1,000.00

January 14th 2015
David & Elizabeth Pearce (Anglesey): £20.00

January 2015
Dick & Ann Dingle with a Bit Of Luck raised: £140.00

December 25th 2014
Taffy & Trish Headon: £25.00

December 17th 2014
Joanne (Dunstable Farm): £100.00

December 6th 2014
Chinese Takeaway, Kilkhampton Collection box: £48.04

November 29th 2014
Tammy Grimms 40th Birthday Bash raised: £159.86

November 20th 2014
Jo & Zena Gillbard's copper collection raised: £6.42

October 30th 2014
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £23.14

19th October 2014
Ashley Clear ran in the Eden Project Marathon and raised £137 for the RJLF - Thank you!

October 2014
A collection pot from Truscott's (Launceston) Ltd has contributed the amount of £21.83 to the RJLF

September 13th 2014
Josh & Tori's wedding bar raised a magnificent £1,562.29 for the RJLF

September 6th 2014
Matt & Lisa Trewin's wedding bar raised £796.30 for the RJLF

August 29th 2014
Adam Paynter undertook a cold soaking to deliver £10 to the RJLF and

Mike and Coralie Goodman donated a further £50 from their Ice Bucket Challenges to the RJLF

August 11th 2014
James Clarkson undertook a sponsored Dartmoor cycle ride and helped raise a further £184.20 for RJLF funds

August 2nd 2014
Adam & Annie's Wedding Bar helped to add £400.00 to RJLF funds

August 9th 2014
Launceston Bangers CLub's Music & Bar helped to raise £200.00 towards RJLF funds

August 2nd 2014
Adam & Annie's Wedding Bar helped to add £400.00 to RJLF funds

July 24th 2014
Paul & Tanya's Wedding Bar added a £300.00 donation to RJLF funds

July 19th 2014
Dan & Donna's Wedding Bar at Westcott Barton raised £1,000.00 towards RJLF funds

June 2014
Collections made at a recent funeral amounted to £200 for the RJLF

June 12th 2014
West Cornwall Ladies Luncheon Club donated £50.00 to the RJLF

May 14th 2014
John & Ann Wills Ruby Wedding 'bash' raised the outstanding sum of £750.00 from the RJLF Bar

and another £700.00 donation from the Draw and Auction at the celebrations - Thank you!

May 24th 2014
Simon and Kimberley's Wedding Bar added a marvellous £950.00 donation to RJLF funds

May 30th 2014
John & Jean Statton's Golden Wedding Anniversary resulted in a donation of £300.00 for the RJLF

May 2014
Donations in remembrance of Bob's late Uncle John Richard amounted to £530.00 for the RJLF

May 3rd 2014
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £24.64

May 2nd 2014
David & Mia's Wedding Bar raised £283.00 for the RJLF

April 2014
Coralie Goodman celebrated her 50th birthday at the Jive Club and raised £80 for the RJLF

April 5th 2014
Coffee & Cakes, Kilkhampton, raised another £50 for the Fund

March 2014
An additional £9.50 from Marina and son, Chris Davey for the Copper Coin Collection

2nd February 2014
A collection of £200 was made in recognition of the late Marjorie Parks of Doncaster

31st January 2014
In celebration of Mark Vickery's 40th birthday bash the RJLF received a fantastic £233.00

29th January 2014
A donation of £30 was received from Ruth Crabb (London)

7th January 2014
Kernow Analytical Technology present Bob with a cheque for £1,000.00

December 2013
A donation of £80 from Jo James (Dunstable Farm: Dairy Ice Cream)

December 14th 2013
Michael Martin kindly donated: £100.00

December 5th 2013
Wendy Jenkin kindly donated: £35.00

December 2013
Taffy & Tricia Headon kindly donated: £25.00

November 2013
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £24.64

October 5th 2013
Dave & Hannah Barnes' Wedding Bar made the outstanding sum of £2,235.44

October 5th 2013
Jess & Vinnie James Wedding Bar made the marvellous sum of £1,600.00

October 2013
Chinese Takeaway, Kilkhampton Collection box: £31.00

September 16th 2013
From a supporter in Launceston: £300.00

September 17th 2013
From Alan & Marion Pomeroy: £100.00

September 6th 2013
From Herbert & Christa Narr (Germany) supporters for 26 years: £80.00

September 6th 2013
Annual Dinner Donation: £60.00

September 6th 2013
Annual Dinner Collection Bucket: £31.00

August 2013
Jim Paddon's Funeral Donations: £867.66

July 10th 2013
Treetops Collection box: £18.80

June 15th 2013
Karen Moore's 30th Borthday Bash raised: £255.00

June 3rd 2013
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £21.82

June 2nd 2013
Johnny Cowling with Twin Harmony Church Gospel Evening raised £240 for the RJLF

May 25th 2013
Kate & Steven Walker's Wedding Bar: £862.90

Personal donation from the above: £50.00

May 11th 2013
Disco & Bar at Pyworthy Pre-Schol Ball: £449.00

April 25th 2013
Donation box at the wedding of Ross & Clare Paynter: £271.01

April 2013
Proceeds from the sale of the NEW "Twin Harmony" CD: £82.00

April 2013
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £15.78

March 2013
Donation representing Julian Turner's birthday - £100

March 2013
Donation from Kilkhampton Coffee & Cakes Club - £50

January 12th 2013
Proceeds from a Grand Draw at Plymouth Leisure Centre - £125

January 8th 2013
Personal Donation - £5

January 2013
Kilkhampton Chinese Takeaway Collection bottle: £38.31

December 2012
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £50.15

December 2nd 2012
Tim & Trisha Headon donated £25

November 26th 2012
A donation of £100 from Jo and Tom James (Dunstable Farm: Dairy Ice Cream)

September 29th 2012
Dan & Lisa Ward donated £100

September 2012
A donation from Jason Orchard - £444.50

August 4th 2012
North Tamerton Canal Walk - Music & Evening Bar raised £130.00

29th June 2012
From John & Celia Fry, celebrating their Silver Wedding Anniversary, a donation of £225.00

26th June 2012
In memory of the late Alf Browning, North Petherwin, a donation of £300.00

24th May 2012
David Clarke donated £5 towards the fund

May 2012
Arthur James Sandercock's Funeral donations: £333.00

May 2012
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £27.63

3rd April 2012
Donation from Sally (Cooplands neighbour), of £4.20

3rd April 2012
Donation from Cooplands, Doncaster, of £28.00

25th March 2012
Donation from David Fowler's 40th birthday evening at Dingles Heritage Centre, of £165.00

21st March 2012
From the late Eileen Sorrell, a donation of £1,000

March 2012
David & Elizabeth Pieice donated: £20.00

March 2012
Dick & Ann Dingle with a Bit Of Luck raised: £300.00

March 2012
J Gilbard's 40th Birthday collection: £340.00

February 2012
Reg Hannaford's Funeral donations: £248.94

January 2012
Arthur Fry's 50th Birthday: £80.00

December 2011
Tim & Tricia Headon: £25.00

December 2011
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £27.19

11th November 2011
Dunstable Ice Cream - in lieu of Christmas Cards: £100 donation

18th October 2011
Cooplands Bakery: £35 donation

September 2011
Beaumont Court made a tremendous donation of £400 raised at their Spring Fair pushing wheelchairs for their mile-marathon.

September 2011
Treetops Collection bottle: £37.74

September 2011
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £28.00

September 2011
Richard & Tanya, of the Countryman, donated £712 from the proceeds of their wedding bar

September 2011
Celebrating his 70th birthday, saw John Statton make a £500 donation to the Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund

September 2011
The Countryman Collection bottle contained the marvellous sum of: £288.00

July 2011
Tamara Gruet passed on her sponsorship money raised on the Ruby Run which totalled: £72.50

July 2011
The Chinese Take-Away collection bottle contained the sum of: £24.94

July 2011
The Countryman sponsored 2 holes in a Crazy-Golf contest around North Petherwin and raised: £40.00

July 2011
The Countryman Collection bottle contained the magnificent sum of: £288.00

May 2011
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £19.45

May 16th 2011
North Petherwin School donated £63.50

May 17th 2011
Morton Pound Friendship Club donated £38.10

May 17th 2011
Graham Walker donated £10

April 21st 2011
Beverly Harris donated £20

April 20th 2011
Linda O'Connor donated £20

April 1st 2011
Mike Pearn (Torpoint) donated £25.00

March 24th 2011
Dorothy White (Dartmouth) donated £100.00

March 2011
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Bristol donated £415.92

March 9th 2011
Robert Cole Ltd donated £20

March 3rd 2011
Lorraine Britton donated £20

February 2nd 2011
Tom & Jo James donated £100

January 12th 2011
Michael & Marion Martin donated £100

January 2011
David & Elizabeth Pierce (of Anglesey) donated £20

December 2010
Kevin Johns donated £23 after winning a clay pigeon shoot

9th December 2010
A kind donation of £25 from Timothy & Tricia Haydon

29th September 2010
The proceeds from a wedding bar resulted in a collection of £119.47 for the Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund.

18th September 2010
At Trethorne Golf Club the Darren Jane Memorial Cup was won by Chris Seal and the sum of £240.00 was presented to Bob.

September 2010
PayPal Donations (less PayPal charges) transferred to the RJLF Bank Account: £38.24

September 2010
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £17.01

September 2010
Green Inn Collection bottle: £23.09

August 2010
Whitstone Stores Collection bottle: £18.90

August 2010
Ann Y. made a personal donation of £1,000 for the Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund.

Saturday 17th July 2010
Ian Richards and the 'A-Team' held another 'Party In The Marquee' and passed on the tidy sum of £120.00 to the Fund.  Bob likes it '...when a plan comes together!'

June 2010
Ketley Local Gun Club, Week St. Mary, presented Bob with a donation of £51.00 for the RJLF.

May 29th 2010
Hazel collected £150 as a result of donations made to celebrate her 60th birthday.

April 2010
Amanda collected sponsorship for the Ruby Run but regrettably has had to pull out for medical reasons but her sponsors to date all agreed to donate the money to the RJLF anyway - so thanks to them! - this amounted to £40.00

March 2010
£115.00 was donated to the RJLF by Lin & Alf Browning in celebration of their Ruby Wedding Anniversary

6th April 2010
Whitstone Stores Collection Box: £17.22 donation

Thanks also goes to Mike & Trudi Rogers' 60th birthday donation of £36.50

March 19th 2010
£138.20 was donated to Bob by way of profit made at the Camelford YFC bar.

March 3rd 2010
£242 was presented to Bob as a result of donations, in lieu of presents, for Kevn Hutchings' 40th birthday party, held at The Countryman, Langdon Cross.

February 18th 2010
A cheque for £300 was presented to Bob Johns MBE, the main trustee for the Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund on Thursday 18th February by Tom and Jo James and their daughters Beth and Molly, from the money saved by sending Xmas cards via email to their customers rather than by post. Tom said it is amazing the money saved by sending cards this way, and so helping a local charity which the couple have supported now for many years.Bob thanked the James's for their continued support and this very kind gesture. 

19th December 2009
Whitstone Stores Collection Box: £18.13 donation

17th December 2009
David & Elizabeth Pierce: £20 donation

10th December 2009
Cooplands Bakery: £10 donation

8th December 2009
Dunstaple Farm Dairy Ice Cream, £300 in lieu of sending Christmas cards

Micheline Smith
£10.00 donation from Week St. Mary's Women's Institute

Jeffery & Charlotte Hopper's Wedding
The wedding bar raised £328.00

July 4th 2009
£701.00 collected by Craig & Gemma Rowland at their 'House Warming'

May 15th 2009
£16.45 collected by Sally Harrison (Doncaster)

May 12th 2009
£13.00 collected by the Cooplands (Doncaster)

May 1st 2009
£18.05 collected from a collection box placed at Whitstone Stores. 

April 13th 2009
After a successful Auction of Promises Fundraising event, Week St. Mary F.C. donated £100 to RJLF

December 6th 2007
Patricia Rail celebrates her 50th birthday, giving 50% to RJLF and Great Ormond Street Hospital 

October 31st 2007
£153.43 collected from a collection box placed at Whitstone Stores. 

October 10th 2007
£100.00 donation received from the 3 Counties Heavy Horse Society, Ashburton. 

October 4th 2007
£3,000.00 sent to the Royal Marsden Leukaemia Unit, now under Prof. Gareth Morgan. 

September 21st 2007
£345.00 raised at the 5th RJLF Annual Charity Dinner held at the Falcon Hotel, Bude, with guest speaker Dr. Stephen kelly, from Plymouth.

August 11th 2007
£4,869.00 (gross) raised by the RJLF at their "Music in the Marquee" event. Bands included Bad Habitz, Whiskey Thieves, Bobble Hats and boy band The Rayz. A good night had by all. 

July 21st 2007
£74.27 raised at the Week St. Mary BRIPS event; a children's football tournament. 

July 12th 2007
£3,245.44 raised from a cycle ride from Lands End to John O Groats by 58-year-old Stan Blake, with his support team, Dave & Phil Blake and Noel Kavanagh. The distance was 910 miles covered in 12 days 2 hours.

July 10th 2007
£6,000.00 presented to Children's Oncology Unit, Plymouth (Cancer Unit). Once again met the staff, some of whom have been there for over 24 years - a good day! 

July 7th 2007
£2,900.51 from the bar at Craig & Gemma Smale's wedding celebration. 

June 12th 2007
£352.58 donation from the Countryman bottle collection.

May 17th 2007
£108.00 donation from Dick & Ann Dingle "Bit O' Luck Band". 

April 30th 2007
£50.73 donation. Found in an old clome oven during renovations at Middle Whitley house. 

March 10th 2007
£400.00 donated by Rex Pollard following his 40th birthday bash. 

March 7th 2007
£43.50 donation following a talk to Bude Women's Guild.

February 3rd 2007
£601.00 donated by Joyce Paddon following her 60th birthday celebration. 

January 10th 2007
Whitstone Women's Institute donated £40 after listening to a talk on the charity by Bob.

January 6th 2007
Bob's niece, Trudi Barkwell, donated £363.50 from her 40th birthday bash. 

October 13th 2006
The Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund's Annual Charity Dinner was held at the Falcon Hotel, Bude, where the guest speaker was Dr. Wayne Thomas, from Plymouth Hospital. There were 72 supporters in attendance and with the raffle and auction over £500 was raised.

October 11th - 2006
The Bullers Arms Hotel was the venue for the presentation to the Fund of a cheque for £500 by Stratton Young Farmers. 

October 1st 2006
Mousehole Male Voice Choir made the trip to Week St. Mary Church for a well-attended concert where the highlight for many was the superb rendition of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' contrasting to classic and Cornish melodies. Over £400 was raised by this event. 

August 12th-13th 2006
The Annual Fun Day with 'No Limitz' Motorcycle Display Team were particularly entertaining - all children ranging in age from 7 to 18 years. With the pony show, Cozmic entertainment and much more, the Saturday evening's music helped to swell the proceeds to gross over £7,500.

May 28th-29th 2006
Launceston Steam Rally kindly presented a cheque for £500, on July 11th, to the Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund. 

April 30th 2006
Went to Geevor Tin Mine at Pendeen where the Resident's Association held a Gala Day in aid of our fund and raised £1,100. A cheque was presented on our Fun Day. 

March sees the start of another fundraising year with the hope that one day we will see the end of this awful disease. Already booked were the 'No Limitz' Motorcycle team from Southampton along with other events for our Annual Funday on 12th-13th August. Two bands 'Gumbo Flyers' and 'Bad Habitz' supplied the music for the Saturday evening. 

With a pony show and dog agility competitions, it was the charity's best ever event and saw gross receipts in excess of £8,600. Two bands played in the marquee - it was like a mini-Glastonbury. 

Keith Horrell, with Bob as ballast, took part in the classic Lands End Trial - well, at least they got to Crackington Haven before having to retire with a cracked gearbox. 

Sadly, not every event can be a success - the main fund-raising event had to be cancelled as the weather was atrocious. Perhaps mud-pie throwing competitions should have been the order of the day!

Robert Johns (Senior) was privileged to be awarded by HRH Prince Charles, an MBE for his charitable works. Bob attended Buckingham Palace in full Cornish regalia.  

With the outbreak of Foot & Mouth doubt was cast over the main fund-raising event of the year "It's A Knockout" but permission was given and a well-supported event it was by all the local Young Farmers Clubs. 

Instead of presents donations were invited at Linda & Roy Cobbledick's (Trustee) Silver Wedding Celebration - pictured here with Bob Johns.

In September Bob and Mike Ronald left Woolley, Kilkhampton, in 2 Sinclair C5 'cars', taking it in turns to travel around Cornwall finally arriving at Derriford Hospital 2 days later. We were met by staff from the Children's Oncology Ward. This event raised £3,065.00 for the charity.

16 people again successfully completed a parachute jump on October 3rd. This raised £2,000 for the charity.

October 30th saw Keith Horrell and Ron Redgrave compete in the Weston-Super-Mare Beach Race. Riding a motorcycle and sidecar, wearing number 174, they finished 21st and raised £212.00 for the charity.

16 people successfully completed a parachute jump on March 20th. This jump raised £1,646 for the charity.


The proceeds are divided between the Royal Marsden Hospital and the Leukaemia Wards, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.