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Robert William Johns
27/2/72 ~ 6/9/83

I hope this will help others to put everyday things into perspective to treasure relationships and to give strength to others faced with leukaemia or cancer.  The disease changes you, it changes your view of life; you can plan for the future, organise exciting things to do and look forward to enjoying them, but don't worry about the future. It makes you look at every day differently. It makes you want to live. You cannot imagine how much you want to live... you cannot imagine how much you want your family or close friend to live when told they are going to die.  We left no stone unturned, we did everything possible to tell the leukaemia that Robert was dying to live - but to no avail. Don't give up, gather strength with others as one day we WILL cure this awful disease.


Robert riding behind his father, Bob

Every effort was made to help young Robert enjoy life to the full.

The Trustees

The Trustees, taken in 2004: Roy Cobbledick, Hazel Cartright & 'Bob' Johns. Sadly, Roy passed away in 2013 leaving Hazel and Bob to manage the fund raising.